Monday, January 31, 2011

Casually Elegant in Atlanta

I am totally picking up what Traditional Home is laying down! I don't usually like to just take something directly from a magazine but this home is right up M. E. Beck Design's alley.
I am washing every project I'm working on right now in shades of grays and so this palette immediately caught my attention.

Good Lord, look at those arched iron casement doors! In my 20's renovation project, I've specified doors, not arched, but very similar to these beauties. When I look at this room and see all of those nailheads, I'm at peace.

How cool is that banquette?! I recently specified a banquette in a kitchen remodel in Dallas, which I have yet to get final photos, but when I do I'll show it to y'all.

Gorgeous kitchen, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...let's see farmhouse sink, stone floors, v groove planked ceiling, thumb mold stepout counter edges, bridge faucet, lanterns, custom riveted vent hood, my my kitchen, you are lovely.

It is always a wink of confirmation when you see elements that you have incorporated into your own designs in a magazine. I used that beautiful chandy in a project about a year ago and am using it again in a current living room design. It is a gorgeous mixture of aged iron and wood beads.

Notice the cremone style locks on the windows and that scalloped backsplash!

Do I really need to caption this one?

I love the browny gray and orange combo in the study.

This home was a collaboration between Linda MacArthur, AIA (architect) and Amy Bergman of A. Bergman & Co. LLC interior design.

Simple, casual, elegant and lovely!


ALR said...

I liked my TH this month too. I wish the issue had been thicker, I just wanted more. I would also like to see more of the dining room that is featured on the cover.

Anonymous said...

What is the finish on those cabinets I love them!

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

I don't know what the finish is on the cabinets but they were done by I hope that helps.

Marla Hinds said...

ELEGANT is the right word. This space exudes elegance and style like no other. But what caught my attention are the two windows. The bathroom window looks immaculate, and the wood window emits formality and class. A perfect and contrasting contradiction that makes this home interesting.

Sasha Herrick said...

I couldn’t help but notice that splendid banquette sofa on the third photo. Gosh, it really looks magnificent! It’s as if it was really meant to be placed on that area. The style of the sofa blends with the stair railing design. I wonder if the owner really customized it, so it goes well with the background.

William Gulliver said...

I like the design made on the bathroom. The window, the drapes, the little plant, and the two jars placed on both ends of the bath tub made the area really gorgeous. It looks very simple, but the modish appeal was really there.