Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1920's Renovation | The Master Closet

Historic restoration is one of my very favorite types of design.  I particularly love the architecture and finishes from the 1920's, so this project has been such a joy to work on from the beginning.  If you are new around here and are interested in seeing more of this amazing home you can check out some of the other spaces I've previously blogged about like the Solarium, the Master Bedroom, the Master Bath, the Dining Room, the Stairwell, the Bar, Samantha's Bedroom, and the Playroom Bath
I still have lots more to show from this home!  As with any restoration, especially from this period and with this scope of work, nothing is ever quick but it is so worth it if you take the time and have the patience to see it through.  I've loved every inch of how this home has been rejuvenated and how she still respects the integrity of her architectural roots.
So, now I bring you the incredible master closet.  This is the 3rd space to a 5 space master suite, as you can see in the footprint below.
As you may have seen in the previous post about the master bath, we combined an unnecessary guest room and bath into the space that would become the new master bath and closet.
For reference, the master closet's entrance is through the second set of stained French doors on the right in the image below.
In the 'before' image below, you can see the space we started with.  The adjoining bathroom is in the master bath post below if you are interested.  All of the windows remained in the same locations.
Here is the 'after' from as close to the same angle as I could possibly get with the new wall locations.
Stunning right?!  I designed all the custom cabinetry units to extend to the ceiling to maximize storage.  Behind all of the doors, at the base of the cabinets, are drawers for foldable items etc.  We added those little baskets for some texture to soften the hard millwork lines.  One for laundry and one for dry cleaning.
Here is another 'before' image.
This is the 'after' from the same angle.  The headboard in this image sat where the row of cabinets are on the right.  The shoe shelving and handbag area are actually recessed past where the previous wall was.
We also installed interior cabinetry lighting.  This feature is gorgeous at night!!!
At the end of this row of cabinets is a small cabinet that conceals a washer/ dryer combo unit.  We selected a unit that uses a ventless connection so that we wouldn't need all of the space for a traditional hook up.  The unit is also super quiet.  Having this in the master closet is a great feature not only for the obvious conveniences but the proximity of the master suite to the home's laundry room is 2 floors away.
At the end of this row,I placed a full length dressing mirror.  Notice the hardwired ipod/iphone docking station just to the right of the mirror.  This is wired for tunes and such throughout the whole master suite, including the terrace.
One of my favorite finishes in the space are the custom antiqued mirrors we had made for all of the cabinet ends.  This not only provides light reflectance but it also provides a little patina, which every well designed space should have!
I don't know about you but I'd do some shameful things to obtain this closet ;-)

Obviously I'm having a difficult time finding the time to blog but hopefully I'll be back to a more consistent pace soon.  I'm thinking about bringing back the 'What I'm Loving Wednesdays' series...
I hope you're having a great week!