Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Miley's Room

Sweet little Miley's room!  This was such a fun space to create!  Miley is artistic and fun, and when I presented this palette to her mama we knew it was a winner.  Miley loved it and it was a go!
I love the mix of old and new that we were able to achieve in her space.  It gives the space some patina and I think that is something that is often forgotten in spaces for children.  I think it is so refreshing to see a child's room that they can grow with and doesn't look like it just came out of a box.  I'm a momma, so I completely understand if you can't get it past your kiddo to do what 'you'd like to do' with their space, but it sure is nice while we still have a say huh?! ;-)
Pink gingham and seaglass walls. Love.
Vintage furniture and antique brass reading lamps.  Love.
I didn't get a great picture of her art wall but we framed a dance costume from when she was little bitty, along with some of her art, and we made a collage with some other sentimental family items.
Yummy velvet candy dots on linen.
You can see a little of our art collage wall here and Miley's framed art she created. 
You can also see her darling chandelier hanging from vaulted ceilings.  This room is a little girl's dream!  Fortunately, Miley's room also adjoins a playroom loft, so we were able to keep the clutter and toys in that space and keep her space fairly neat and tidy.
We also did Miley's adjoining bathroom within the space.  We found the most beautiful Calacatta slab for her countertops.  The veining was absolutely perfect!  We coupled that with an octagon and dot mosaic floor and crystal knobs on her cabinet doors.
I would have loved this space as a little girl!  I hope that Miley enjoys it for years to come!
It's crazy that this is my first time to blog this year!  I'm busy but not that busy, sheesh.  Where does the time go?!  I carried my 'year of organization' goal into 2014.  I was so successful with this goal last year and tackled so many organization projects that were hanging over my head that I'd like to continue to make it a priority this year as well.  It has always been a priority at the back of my head but I really made an effort to be intentional about it last year and it has really paid off.  I'll be blogging about some of my projects on here when I get a chance, most notably my pantry project which I documented some of the progress on Instagram and it seemed that you guys were interested in seeing more of that fun space. It is a dream pantry and one of the reasons that I really love my house!
I hope you're having a great start to 2014!  I'll be back again soon, thanks for stopping by!
*Due to client contracts, I am unable to share sources*