Monday, August 12, 2013

1920's Renovation | The Master Bath

Finally, the stunning master bath of my 1920's restoration project!  This project has been complete for well over a year but I couldn't quite find the time to photograph it.  Alas, here she is. 
This bath project is basically my dream bath!  My clients let me build my dream bath in their house... at least that's what I tell myself :-) 
Sigh...maybe someday...
So here is a little refresher of what we started with in floorplan view.  If you haven't already seen the master bedroom and are interested check it out here.
So, as you can see in the floorplan view, I took a spare bedroom and bath that they didn't need and transformed that space into the new master bath and closet.  I'll have to save the closet for another post because there is just too much going on here to talk about it all at once.
We closed off the hallway and made the new entrance to the master suite through the former master closet.  In the 'before' image below you can see the old hallway leading to the old spare bedroom and bath.  The new entrance to the suite was built right where that black console sits on the left.
This 'before' view is from the master bedroom and is looking at the wall where the new entrance to the master bath and closet will be.
In the 'after' image below, you can see the new entrance to the master suite on the far right and then the new entrance to the master bath through the gorgeous, stained French doors.
Vintage details, like these glass door knobs, were selected to respect the integrity of the 1920's architecture.
In this 'before' image you can see the former bath in all of it's ballet pink tiled glory.
From the same angle below, you can see the new make-up vanity for the lady of the house.  The toilet and shower plumbing actually stayed in the same location, but a watercloset was built around the toilet for privacy. 
The new his and hers vanities...
The gorgeous Kohler Vintage freestanding tub nestles perfectly into the corner between the vanities. It creates beautiful focal point when you walk into the bathroom. 
The freestanding bathtub complete with a vintage inspired chandy overhead, by Visual Comfort & Co.
I specifically selected the vintage botanicals and their gold leaf frames to complement the Honey Onyx and the gold veins in the Calcutta marble. Can we go ahead and talk about that Calcutta and Honey Onyx basketweave?!...good grief, I love it so very much!!!
Looking back at the master bedroom and the entrance to the closet on the right (more on the closet later). 
The bank of cabinets is where the old hallway on the plan is, for your reference.  I designed lots of linen storage and a full length cabinet tucked to the left (not visible from this angle) was designed to hang robes out of sight. 
The new shower is amazing!!!  It is decked out with dueling shower heads that have their own settings.  The settings stay fixed to the setter's preferred temp so, when he or she takes their shower all they have to do is turn on their side and there is no need to adjust to get everything just right. 
A rain shower head hangs above on a different valve. 
I carried more of the Calcutta Gold into the shower in a classic herringbone pattern with the Honey Onyx and Calcutta basketweave on the shower floor.
In the 'before' image above, you can see more of the old bath and what will become the watercloset seen below.  To the right, you can see the old shower (which stayed in the same location). 
Ah the vintage inspired bathtub!!!!
I just love everything about this bathroom!  It was one of my very favorite projects to date!
If you would like to see more of this project, I've previously blogged about The Solarium, Dining room, the Bar, the Playroom bath, their Daughter's bedroom, and the stairs makeover.

I hope that you have enjoyed the summer.  We sure have!  It has been such a treat to get lots of summer activities and playtime in with my little bunny
It is right about this time, in the thick of the Texas summer heat, that I start longing for the chill of fall.  I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this :-)  If you follow me on Pinterest, don't be surprised if you see an unusual amount of pins containing images of sweaters, boots and pumpkin pies.
Have a great week!