Monday, January 31, 2011

Casually Elegant in Atlanta

I am totally picking up what Traditional Home is laying down! I don't usually like to just take something directly from a magazine but this home is right up M. E. Beck Design's alley.
I am washing every project I'm working on right now in shades of grays and so this palette immediately caught my attention.

Good Lord, look at those arched iron casement doors! In my 20's renovation project, I've specified doors, not arched, but very similar to these beauties. When I look at this room and see all of those nailheads, I'm at peace.

How cool is that banquette?! I recently specified a banquette in a kitchen remodel in Dallas, which I have yet to get final photos, but when I do I'll show it to y'all.

Gorgeous kitchen, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...let's see farmhouse sink, stone floors, v groove planked ceiling, thumb mold stepout counter edges, bridge faucet, lanterns, custom riveted vent hood, my my kitchen, you are lovely.

It is always a wink of confirmation when you see elements that you have incorporated into your own designs in a magazine. I used that beautiful chandy in a project about a year ago and am using it again in a current living room design. It is a gorgeous mixture of aged iron and wood beads.

Notice the cremone style locks on the windows and that scalloped backsplash!

Do I really need to caption this one?

I love the browny gray and orange combo in the study.

This home was a collaboration between Linda MacArthur, AIA (architect) and Amy Bergman of A. Bergman & Co. LLC interior design.

Simple, casual, elegant and lovely!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Botox

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The blog got a little botox :-) What do you think of her new look? Isn't she lovely?
We still need to work out a few kinks and past images overlap on the new background, which will take forever to fix, so I might just leave them :-/ But, I'm loving her new look :-)
Many thanks to the talented Jess Nell Graves of The Front Porch Studio and The Love List.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving...

Could this utility room be any more perfect?!
I hope you're having a great week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Sweet Little Nursery


This is a sweet little nursery that I completed recently. My clients wanted a gender neutral nursery, as they weren't finding out the sex of the baby, and so I developed this neutral color scheme of taupe, cream and blue. The fabric patterns aren't gender specific either and feminine or masculine touches could easily be added later. You can view what the room looked like before above...a blank canvas. This is what it looks like now.

My client wanted to keep the design very simple and spartan. She is well aware that the room will be filling up with toys etc. and wanted to keep the design calming, clean lined and classic. We added crown moulding and painted the room a rich gray.
In this fabric detail you can see our color palette. I used all cotton fabrics andhad the bumper pads made with zipper enclosures for easy washing.

I added this Woodland Pendant for a touch of youth and whimsy.

*for all of you mommies out there...this chair is just for looks, her glider/ rocker is just a short distance away in the family room so that she can see their spectacular hill country view...or the tv ;-)*

All of the art in the room is custom. For some of the prints, I found this great art shop in Singapore that creates these unique prints on old French book pages. We used retail ready made frames and mattes to cut down on the cost.

My client also wanted something very simple and light weight above the crib. We settled on letters and custom painted them a distressed gold.

The blue grosgrain ribbon was used in touches throughout the room.

Here is more custom art. I found a vendor on Etsy that sells these great vintage book cover prints. I found the frames ready made and had mattes cut for a custom touch.

The nursery turned out sweet, simple and clutter free. My clients are now home enjoying their space with their new baby girl. They were a joy to work with!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Austin Baby

I checked in on my Austin baby on Wednesday and it is looking fabulous! It is so fun to see all of my specifications coming to life and so beautifully. The above photo is going to be such a neat space. It is called the hearthroom and is right off the kitchen. My client really wanted a fireplace in the kitchen and so we incorporated the hearthroom into the overall home design.

Here is a view of the gorgeous back patio doors overlooking the pool. I love this style door and was so excited when my client was on board to divide the light in this way.

This is the family room and is also the view of those doors from the inside. Notice all the great beaming we incorporated into the family and the hearthroom. This house is going to be delectably drenched in calcutta and cararra when all is said and done as favorite! She is going to be lovely!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back In The Saddle

I'm alive! I've left the blog hanging for so long that I hope that I still have some readers. I had the joy of beginning 2011 with a stomach bug, ugh! But, alas, I am back in the saddle and projects have resumed as normal after all of the holiday madness. 

I just wrapped a sweet, gender neutral nursery today. I can't show you the whole nursery yet because the sex of the baby is unknown, and going to be a wonderful surprise, but in order to get my "after" pics I had to hang both name options on the wall, so I don't know which one it will be :-) There are so few surprises in life, I just love this! The nursery is sweet and will be perfect for a boy or a girl. This is my second gender surprise nursery this year, well last year, and I just love that people are doing this.

Stay tuned for full final photos. It's cute!

I've also almost completed one of my new year's resolutions, which was to organize my sample closet. My husband built me new shelves and painted them the most perfect peacock blue on new year's day...that is a record for a new year's resolution! I need to finish organizing the stuff that goes in them and install the light fixtures and then I will show you the before and after. I'm really embarrassed to show the before but I'll do it for the sake of design!
Here is a half done glimpse of the pretty peacock feather blue.

I've got lots on the calendar for 2011, so check in every so often to see some of my fun projects coming to life.