Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Austin Baby

I checked in on my Austin baby on Wednesday and it is looking fabulous! It is so fun to see all of my specifications coming to life and so beautifully. The above photo is going to be such a neat space. It is called the hearthroom and is right off the kitchen. My client really wanted a fireplace in the kitchen and so we incorporated the hearthroom into the overall home design.

Here is a view of the gorgeous back patio doors overlooking the pool. I love this style door and was so excited when my client was on board to divide the light in this way.

This is the family room and is also the view of those doors from the inside. Notice all the great beaming we incorporated into the family and the hearthroom. This house is going to be delectably drenched in calcutta and cararra when all is said and done as favorite! She is going to be lovely!

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