Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back In The Saddle

I'm alive! I've left the blog hanging for so long that I hope that I still have some readers. I had the joy of beginning 2011 with a stomach bug, ugh! But, alas, I am back in the saddle and projects have resumed as normal after all of the holiday madness. 

I just wrapped a sweet, gender neutral nursery today. I can't show you the whole nursery yet because the sex of the baby is unknown, and going to be a wonderful surprise, but in order to get my "after" pics I had to hang both name options on the wall, so I don't know which one it will be :-) There are so few surprises in life, I just love this! The nursery is sweet and will be perfect for a boy or a girl. This is my second gender surprise nursery this year, well last year, and I just love that people are doing this.

Stay tuned for full final photos. It's cute!

I've also almost completed one of my new year's resolutions, which was to organize my sample closet. My husband built me new shelves and painted them the most perfect peacock blue on new year's day...that is a record for a new year's resolution! I need to finish organizing the stuff that goes in them and install the light fixtures and then I will show you the before and after. I'm really embarrassed to show the before but I'll do it for the sake of design!
Here is a half done glimpse of the pretty peacock feather blue.

I've got lots on the calendar for 2011, so check in every so often to see some of my fun projects coming to life.

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Anonymous said...

Hello would u mind sharing the name on the fabric forthe crib bumper. Redoing my bedroom and this fabric would look great in my room