Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bella Italia

Ok, so I'm finally writing about my amazing trip to Italy. I have been so overwhelmed with how I was going to do this post that I have just procrastinated too long... too much time has gone by and I must tackle this. I have gone over this a million times in my head and words are not even going to scratch the surface of sharing what I experienced. Italy is in my blood and while I was there I definitely felt it.
Roma, what an amazing city! The architecture and history alone are so humbling that I think that I am still trying to process what I saw. Every day that we were in Italy we walked everywhere. Wandering down tiny little streets, I mean TINY, little streets, and discovering the cities step by step. I must have said the word "beautiful" a million times, and it was beautiful! Every little inch, literally. Even the sewer grates were beautiful! We would wander around a corner only to bump into a piece of history that I've stared at a hundred times in an art or history book.
I desperately tried to remember every detail, paying careful attention to the smells, the language being spoken around me, the feeling of youth amidst such age, the uneven cobblestones I was walking on and how they felt under my feet....I didn't want to forget a thing. As I look back through these photos I can still remember. I know that time will take many of these details away from me and that is why I am just going to have to go back...often ;-)

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