Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gray Love

I definitely have an obsession with the color gray right now.
Many of my clients could vouch for this statement, as I am trying to work gray into several of my current designs. I love the fresh contrast of gray paired with antique hand rubbed brass. Don't shriek...I said 'antique' people...not the shiny 90s stuff. I am also loving gray paired with yellow and cream, it feels crisp yet soft.

I recently came across the 2009 Atlanta Symphony Associates Showhouse and my obsession was confirmed. I am absolutely in love with the master bedroom and sitting room designed by Womack Interiors. Take a peek at the images of this spectacular space and I don't think you will wonder why.
Listen here to Alison Womack of Womack Interiors discuss the art and design of their space in the Atlanta Symphony Associates 2009 Showhouse.
Absolutely lovely!
*first image not from showhouse*

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