Sunday, August 2, 2009

Portland, I love you...

I'm back from visiting Portland this week. What a hip city!!! I would like to pretend that I was there for pleasure, but I was visiting a wonderful client who moved there recently. We are working on her gorgeous new home right outside of Portland in a small town called Lake Oswego. It is beautiful! The trees are majestic, the vibe is cool...I'm jealous! It is a really neat place to live. I don't have photos to share of her home yet but as soon as we make some progress I will post some to my portfolio. We are in the ordering and organizing stage and there is not much to show at this point.

I enjoyed the time that I spent with she and her family. We have been working together for several years and she has become, not only a favorite client, but a dear friend. We had a very fast and furious visit because we had so much work to do. I plan to get back up there at the end of September to do a site visit and hopefully have a little more time to just hang out.
If you have never visited the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend it! I've never been anywhere like it and I can't wait to go back!

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