Monday, August 10, 2009

Something's Gotta Give

Ahh, the house that started it all.
The Hamptons home, in the movie Something's Gotta Give, is where my love affair with East Coast design began. I remember the moment I saw it! I've watched that movie a billion times since, and most of the time I am just looking at the set. I find myself pausing it and looking around the characters to see what art was used in hallways and what kind of hardware is in the kitchen. It probably sounds silly but it is so very true! In 2006, I modeled one of my favorite projects after this house, and that home drew in quite a few clients, some of which I am still working with to this very day!
The set is just pure perfection in my eyes!
I hope that my clients continue to enlist my services to help them achieve this look, it is my favorite style to design!

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Fragolla said...

That is so funny that you love that house too. My husband and I were watching that 2 weeks ago and pausing the movie to look at the house. That is our dream house! Can't wait for you to design our kitchen. We are wanting that 48" range unit in the picture (but with the blue knobs- Dacor) in ours!