Monday, September 21, 2009


Last night I dreamt that a large order of furniture for a client arrived and it was really small....I couldn't even sit in small as playhouse furniture! Really scary :-) I imagine I dreamed this because on Sunday nights my mind is generally filled with a mental to-do list of all that I need to take care of on Monday, what orders are coming in that week, etc. Ironically, I usually look at design magazines to relax...this sounds counterintuitive, no? There is just something about those glossy images of beautiful rooms that makes me happy. I missed my magazine ritual last night because I was traveling home from a weekend in Dallas. However, I had a wonderful and much needed weekend with my family and girlfriends. I miss everyone so much. San Antonio isn't quite home yet, but it's growin' on me. This week I'm looking forward to getting a little more settled in our house and working on some new clients, some existing clients and some fun new projects.

Have a great week!

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