Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bella Italia: La Parte Due

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Hello love...um, you want to stop at the gelateria again? yes, please!
beauty on every inch and around every corner...

The Oculus of the Pantheon

The Pantheon by the light of the moon

My sister-in-law, Jane, and I.

I mean, seriously?! Does it get any more beautiful than this?!...Good thing my camera was glued to my eye the whole trip, I was able to snap this as these newlyweds just strolled by...

My first official Italian meal ;-) yum!

Always time for a gelato break...
Typical cafe in the street...after a long long long day of walking these were our havens for yummy food and wine. We sat in a lot of street cafes, people watching, drinking wine and trying to digest what we had seen that day.
The fountain of Trevi. Frank and I threw our coins over our shoulder into the fountain to ensure that we would return one day.

My love and I enjoying the street cafes

Cin Cin (Italian version of cheers)
One of the many breathtaking streets that we got lost wandering down.

Flower shop on the street corner

Frank and I at the foot of the Spanish Steps.
Prosecco at the top of the Spanish Steps...perfecto!
One of the many gorgeous doors of Italy. I have an obsession with doors. I took tons of photos of doors. I think my husband thought I was crazy at first but then he started pointing them out too..."look, honey, that's a cool door" :-) I will have to do a separate post of all the doors I took pictures of.
Stay tuned, Vatican City is up next.

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