Friday, May 6, 2011

Sneak Peek

Ok, I need a moment of silence for some amazing things that installed in one of my projects today.
We have been anxiously awaiting the installation of our beautiful specifications. I don't want to show you too much, because this project is so phenomenal and I want the final reveals to be a surprise but... I just can't stand it...

The tub went in. It makes my heart go pitty pat!!!

There are no words. The axis deer carpet for the media room is installed and...just wow!

Do you enjoy seeing a work in progress? If you do, be sure to check out the Facebook business page, as I have a photo album dedicated to 'client progress photos'.

Have a fabulous weekend and shower yo' mamas with love!

*sorry for the small photo phone snaps :-/ Big, pretty photos for final reveal, promise.


Amanda Burkett said...

Be still my heart! I have spent a good hour on your blog this morning, hot cup of coffee in hand. Love every bit of it! Would love to know more about the antelope/deer carpet in this post . . . If you have a moment--would you email me? Fondly--Amanda

MSteed7931 said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. What color is the paint you used on your cabinets and the island?

dhdobson said...

what is the granite that is on the island?

dhdobson said...

for the name of the granite please use