Monday, May 16, 2011

Tall, Dark & Handsome

I was perusing 1stDibs, looking for a unique bookcase for a client, and stumbled across this jawdropper! I am in love...the price tag, hmmm...not so much! I've always had an affinity for furniture with a Neoclassical flair. I also adore black and gold together, which is very characteristic of Neoclassical pieces, in fact, many things in my own home sport this color combo.
Well, it is fun to just look and pretend I could afford this anyway...
Isn't she beautiful! I would fill her with my antique leather bound books I collect and my milk glass candy dishes.

My personal budget version...

I found this piece at Nieman's Last Call, on clearance, tucked away in the corner, several years ago.

I couldn't believe the price and that it was still there for the low price that it was marked. I stood in front of it, guarding it like a freak, afraid that someone would buy it before I could (which is absurd), until I could get the hubs on the phone for the purchase agreement. This is the delirium that comes with this profession and spotting a killer deal, just FYI.
I love it and it makes me happy. Out of the furniture that we own, it is our favorite.
I hope you are having a great start to the week!

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Victoria said...

You always find the coolest stuff!