Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I'm Loving...

I'm loving the incredible interiors by Italian architect and designer Michele Bonan! His talent is nothing short of captivating. He layers and edits absolutely my humble opinion. He also contrasts extreme darks and lights, which is something that I love to do in my own designs. This man has a brain that I would love to pick...

Mr. Bonan has designed some drool worthy spaces for yachts as well, as seen above.
Try not to lick the screen! I have the urge to do that when I see carrera applied so perfectly like this.

Ok, I nearly had a meltdown when I saw this...

I have a mild obsession with black and white stripes and this image sent me into orbit. Black shutters, white facade, boxwoods trimmed into perfect spheres, white gravel, the bikes with baskets, the striped awnings...ah, obsessed...this is my new desktop by the way!

See the striped awning through the window...yep, awesome.

His use of accessories don't look contrived, but rather collected. I love that. That is how all design should be. I always tell my clients to buy things that they love and they will always find a place for them. You should never buy something just because it "matches the room".
(**disclaimer: unless your designer tells you to...ha!)

You should surf on over to his beautiful site and gush-swoon-gasp for a is truly lovely!

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