Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sneak Peek

I have finally gotten around to photographing the rest of one of my Austin projects.  I've featured some of the spaces before in an 'Elegant in Austin' series here, here and here.  Also, let's not forget Blake's bath (which is in this home) that has made it's rounds on Pinterest and made momma proud!
It's a little embarrassing how much time I have let pass before I took pictures of this fun and beautiful project. Life truly got in the way this time.  I had a baby and then she had a baby and now here we are 18 months later, sheesh! 
Well, nonetheless, it's a gorgeous home and it deserves to be seen.
Soooo...I'll be back soon with lot's more to look at :-)
I hope you're having a great week!


Monica said...

I love your Austin project from 2011 the dark double glass door frames and the fabric with nail head chairs I so want! Blake's bathroom perfect for a boy and even until young adult. I have three so taking pointers from that project. Looking forward to your next project photos and enjoy motherhood.

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

Thank you so much Monica :-) Thanks for reading!

Annie Vincent Interiors said...

This Elegant Austin series is one my favorites I could move right in! can't wait to see more!

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

Thank you Annie :-)

Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars} said...

Can't wait to see!