Thursday, January 14, 2010


Do you have one of these? If you don't, and you drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate often, I highly recommend getting one. We received this little gem from my in-laws for Christmas, and my husband and I have used it at least once a day, if not more, since then. It brews a single cup and every brew you can switch out the flavor. This works great at my house because my husband and I like different kinds of coffee. He brews his cup and takes it with him to work and then I make mine. You use these little cartridges called 'K-Cups' and you just snap 'em in and brew. The whole process takes about a minute!

These are the little K-Cups, aren't they cute?!

We keep ours in this cute little box.
We recently had company for the weekend and the Keurig was a hit. Everyone picked out their own flavor choice for coffee and there was no need to keep tons of flavored coffeemate containers or brew multiple pots of coffee.
It is perfect for hot tea and hot chocolate as well. It also comes with a metal filter so that you can put in your own coffee or tea if you don't want to use the K-Cups.
I love my Keurig! Thanks Jim and Patricia!
I give it two thumbs up :-)

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