Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazing Grays

I have a love, nay, obsession, for gray! I find myself using gray in many of my projects right now and even buying gray clothes. I love it! It is so neutral and adds sophistication to any palette! My favorite combination, for the moment (give it a few months, I'll love something new), is gray and gold, which is executed so beautifully in the Jan Showers design below. I like gray with any version of gold, all the way into bright yellows, but I particularly love a mousy gray paired with a metallic gold. Notice the gray silk tufted sofa against the gray wall and how the texture change is ever so slight in the glint of the silk. This, paired with the gray mohair chair is superb.
All grays, all different textures.

Here is another beautifully executed gray and gold palette. The rustic design of this space works better with yellowy golds than metallics. I think that a metallic would have been too formal for this architecture.

More gray and gold to die for...

Notice the dark gray and light gray mixed on the doors. Clever!

I love the richness of the hues in this space. The gray is very deep and muddy and the creams are thick and rich.

The pattern and texture of the grays and silvers in this vignette work beautifully together. The sheen of the metallic in the base of the lamp and the mirror of the table work so well against the gray patterned paper and gray millwork.

I simply adore this kitchen. I have long been a fan of painting the kitchen base cabinets different than the uppers, and these are gray to boot! See, all you leery folks out there, it looks really good!
Or, how about painting all your millwork a sultry gray...this kitchen is so sexy!...yeah, I just called a kitchen sexy, I'm officially getting old.
Millwork looks very elegant when painted gray. This could be just a regular old door, painted the same color as the other millwork, but it has quickly become special with a little color change.
Oh, dear Jan, what I wouldn't give for just an ounce of your talent! Looky looky what she has done with this dining room. Yum!

Love the light blue gray wall and the deeper gray drapery treatment.

This living space is awash with gray! This is how you do monochromatic right! Monochromatic can often feel formal but this space appears very comfortable in an it's-ok-to-lay-on-the-pillows kind of way, because of all the textures. Simply lovely!
Again, the texture on this headboard is gorgeous. It appears to be a silk velvet or possibly mohair. Think of how boring this would be if the headboard were the same color as the wall and there were no texture change.
Just a splash of gray on the sofa.
Another space awash with grays but this time the contrast is developed in pattern.
More gray cabinets and, my favorite, cream tile with gray grout. I love the graphic it creates!
Oh...and the yummy gray-washed floors!
Gray in marble, another favorite. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't love carerra marble.
I know they're out there, I'm just sayin'!

I have several projects in the making that display my love for gray. I'll be posting some fun pics of my work as they finish up, so check back soon.
Elegant, lovely, gracious gray!

Images via Traditional Home, Steven Gambrel ID, David H. Mitchell ID, Phillip Sides ID, Kara Mann ID, Jan Showers ID

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Beck said...

Mmmm, I love these, especially the kitchens! Oh! And I'm wearing gray whilst reading...harmony!