Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snail Mail

This time of year always reminds me of how much I love to get good ol' fashioned, handwritten mail. It truly is a dying form of communication. Christmas cards are one of the few reasons that people still take the time to send traditional mail.
Ok, I'm about to sound really old here. I was home recently and retrieved a bin of things from my old room at my parents house. Inside I found shoe boxes of letters from my friends and family from my freshman year in college. We actually used to write letters to each other! I couldn't help but crack up when in one of the letters my friend states that she has this new thing called "e-mail". Wow, I'm not that old but that just made me sound really old. But, seriously, doesn't it make you feel special when you get handwritten mail?!
I don't send nearly enough handwritten mail, myself, but I do still send handwritten cards and thank you notes. I am actually the proud owner of Papersource's envelope liner template kit.
You can make custom liners for all of your basic envelopes out of fun papers. A basic cream envelope can instantly be funky or personalized. I love details like this! Do you have a Papersource near you? It is such a fabulous store and my head swims with inspiration after just a few minutes in that place! If you haven't ever been in one, check them out here online.
I think that if you have stationery that you think is beautiful you will be encouraged to use it, and since we are in the gift giving season, stationery is a perfect gift. I love to give monogrammed stationery as gifts. I honestly love anything that has been monogrammed but stationery in particular is such an elegant gift! Put some beautiful personalized stationery and a sweet little pen like this one in a fabric gift bag and check that special person off your list.

Another great tip when giving stationery as gifts...put stamps on all of the envelopes. All that your gift recipient has to do is write their sentiments and send them off. Easy peasy!
Send out a little handwritten love!

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