Thursday, December 3, 2009

Glamorous Rooms

I love, love, love cocktail books. Big, beautiful, hardback cocktail books. I have tons of them... seriously tons! I look for ones in subjects that I love all the time and collect them. I like to place them about my house, under lamps, on shelves, stacked on tables etc. My clients can vouch for this love as well. When I show up for an installation, I generally have an armful of cocktail books to place about.
Well, my new favorite is Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers. Those of you who live in Dallas, Texas probably know about your extremely talented neighbor. Most everyone in the design industry at least knows her name, and talented she is! I actually have a bit of a design crush on her. Her designs are exactly what the title of the book states...Glamorous! Take a peek at some of the images of Jan's work you will find in this fabulous book.

If you are in Dallas, she has a phenomenal showroom in the design district that is full of antiques, pieces from her collection (like lamps from her factory in Murano...swoon) and inspiring vignettes.
If you love design and beautiful cocktail books as well, this one will not disappoint!


The Mitchells said...

I love that tufted bed...wonder if Joe would go for that. I also think I'm getting my mother-in-law this book for Christmas.

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

I love that bed too Andrea! This would be a great mother-in-law gift, glad I could help out :-)