Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Asian Inspiration

Asian inspired design is everywhere right now! The simple, clean lines of the East are reflected in accessories, fabrics and furniture all over the design world. You will find dragons, Buddhas, Imperial horses and more specifically Foo dogs, everywhere you shop. This specific style is by no means new...in fact it is just resurfacing. Many of these Asian inspired pieces that you are seeing today have roots that can be traced back to the Han dynasty and can be found in Chinese art as early as 208 BC. Classic design like this will always be around, which is why these pieces, in my opinion, used in small doses (you don't want your house to look like a Hibachi restaurant) are mainstays. Look at some of these pieces I've come across recently...

This little accent table by Hickory Chair would be perfect as a side table or used as a nightstand. The fretwork on the frame gives this piece an unmistakable Asian flair. This lamp is just gorgeous and portrays the auspicious dragon...the lucite base keeps it fresh.

Love these Foo dog lamps! The small porcelain Foo dogs would be great in a bookshelf. Many people mistake the Foo dog for a lion...it is in fact a dog. I used to study Feng Shui quite a bit and these interesting little creatures are a symbol of energy and value. You place them in pairs and they will nourish the chi that enters your home and bring in happy blessings. Many people place pennies at their feet to bring prosperity and wealth but not necessarily in the form of money. We could all use a little more of that, right?

The Imperial horse is beautiful and stately. I have one of these in solid jade that my lovely sister-in-law brought back from China for my husband and I. I adore it and it is displayed prominently in a bookshelf in one of my favorite rooms.
Check out these yummy fabrics! These geometric patterns are hot right now and are so fresh when mixed with other traditional elements.

This bamboo trellis is by Thomas Paul for Duralee.

Hello gorgeous! The pattern in this fabric, by Kravet, mimics fretwork. Just adding this little touch to a room would make it crisp.

I loooove this! This one is also by Kravet and I don't think that I need to tell you why this fabric is cool!
Simple, balanced and beautiful.

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