Friday, July 17, 2015

Nantucket | Part I

This is the last part of our East Coast vacation from last summer.  We started in Boston and then Plymouth and then on to Nantucket.  I have always wanted to see Nantucket.  I've heard how incredibly charming it is over and over.  I've also had a love affair with East Coast architecture since I started in design in the early 2000's.  So I just had to see it and experience it myself.  I will definitely go back!!!
We took the high speed ferry from Hyannis Port and we arrived in Nantucket in the evening.  We headed straight to our B&B to drop off our stuff and then headed out to the Brotherhood of Thieves and had a cozy and delicious dinner.  This place is so cool!
There's little baby James all snug in my belly :-)
I like food pictures.  I like to see what people here you go, I ate this amazing soup.

The next day we got up and walked around Nantucket.  To say that I was smitten would be an understatement.  If you've never been and you'd like to feel like you just walked into a perfect little world designed, styled and directed by Ralph Lauren, then I recommend you check out Nantucket. 
The Harbor early in the morning.
 The cobblestone streets are incredible.  It's like walking back in time!
See what I mean...designed, styled and directed by Ralph Lauren...true story.
We walked around and shopped all day.
Cute boutique after cute boutique.
I looooved this one, The Lion's Paw, they had fabulous homegoods!
There are flowers growing in every nook and crannie on this island!
I must have taken a hundred photos of light fixtures alone.  I'll spare you.

 We drove out to Galley Beach for lunch.  It was incredible!
 My hottie lunch date :-)
I can safely say that this was the most incredible lobster roll I've ever had in my life, and I've had many!
We also drove around some of the residential parts and ogled the homes.  Frank was so sweet and stopped for me every 30 feet when I would shout "Oh my gosh, stop!"  "wait, go back" "good Lord, look at that".  I mean, it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.
This is Follain.  I loved this little shop so much!
We had a delicious dinner here at Boarding House.
Frank ordered the "tentacle" :-/  I'm an adventurous eater but not that adventurous!
 This was the precious B&B we stayed at.  It is the Union Street Inn and I can't say enough nice things about this charming B&B.  They were so very accommodating, warm, name it!
The location was just down the street from the main street and harbor, which made it super easy to walk around...or ride a bike if you're not super preggo.  We rented a jeep and it was perfect.

Our B&B's owner is an interior designer, so naturally the place was beautifully decorated and was oozing with designer details, which is important to me.  I love the full experience when I go somewhere.  I love to see the thought put into the aesthetics.
Aren't these Shantung Silhouette upholstered walls gorgeous?!
This is the center hall up to our suite and our door on the right.
Us in the entry hall, and baby James in my belly.
This is the adorable patio where we ate breakfast in the morning.  The weather this time of year, early June, was perfect!!!  I could've sat on that patio all day long!
Goat cheese omelet., yum!
This was a little side courtyard at the B&B.  Just on the other side of that red building is the ocean.
Because we were just a street away from the ocean you could smell the bay breeze in the morning.  It was like perfume!
The floors were so gorgeous!
 This was our suite.  We were in the No. 9 Corner King :-) 
 I chose this room for obvious reasons but I loved that it had this little sitting room attached where we would have tea in the afternoon.  Look at that blue grasscloth!!
 This was just another cute room that we passed going to our room, so I snapped a pic.  They were beautifully decorated!
 Speaking of tea, this little spread would be laid out in the afternoon.  We would come back to the B&B to take a break from our wandering around and have these lovely refreshments laid out for us.  I just loved this place!   And they were the sweetest people!
My afternoon tea, a carrot cake bite and my baby bump. It's fun to look back at these pics because I had no idea what was in store for me.  Now I know my sweet boy and looking back at that bump means worlds more!...tear, sniff sniff.
 I'll be back with Part II when I can get all of the photos uploaded.  I took a gazillion because there is literally nothing that isn't charming on this island!  If you haven't been, you gotta go!!!


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