Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I'm Loving...

Our Christmas decorations, and everyone else's that are everywhere right now, for that matter...who doesn't?!
We are traditionalists around my house. We do a collected, sentimental tree. It is what I grew up with and something that I look forward to putting up all year. I've never been a fan of "decorator trees" personally. They are very beautiful, trust me, I've decorated my fair share of them in my profession, but I love the character and the stories that come from sentimental and collected ornaments. I even love colored lights. In fact, every year our tree usually has colored lights but I thought I would see how I liked all white this year. I think they are beautiful but I'm going back to colored lights next year for sure. Some might think that's 'throw back' or even kind of country, but it reminds me of the trees we had growing up and I love it! We also always do a real tree. This can be impractical and inconvenient in many households but I seriously love the smell. The whole house smells like pine. And, we always do a noble fir. I like the fluffy, waxy needles :-)
When my husband and I got married, we began a tradition of buying an ornament every place that we traveled to. This has been really fun, sometimes a pain, but fun, especially when we get to pull them all out and remember our adventures.

Here are some our my favorites...
This is just gorgeous. This gilded Florentine wood cross is a true reminder of why we have a flippin' tree in the middle of our house to begin with. It is very easy to get lost in the decorating of it all. This is a true reminder of the reason for the season. We bought this in a little shop, down a cobbled street in Florence, Italy.
This one isn't actually from's from Tarjay, but I love peacocks so I included it :-)

This one is so cute. I bought this in New York right after my husband and I got engaged.

Of course this is a favorite. Is anyone (who reads this blog) surprised to see the black and white striped ribbon? I had to wiggle that in there somewhere.

There is plenty of whimsy mixed in with all the serious too. We bought this moose on our trip to Alaska. If you pull the star his wings flap. Ah, simple joys.

I have a few versions of these little guys all throughout. I love little goes back to youth and my Alice obsession.
...ending on a serious one. We bought this beautiful Murano blown glass nativity in Murano, Italy.

I also collect nutcrackers. These guys make me happy! Another childhood obsession, with the ballet of course.
How do you decorate for the holidays at your home?
Happy Wednesday!


Victoria said...

I love it! We actually do both. I have a formal, decorator tree in our living room and a sentimental tree in the family room. Couldn't decide :)

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

Victoria, I agree, that is a hard choice for sure! I love the beauty and design of a decorated tree but the nostalgia of a sentimental one. Hmmm, maybe I should have 2 also, haha. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment :-)