Monday, August 9, 2010


Remember these? These are the pears I picked from our recent visit to the ranch. The tree was bursting with them so I helped myself and went home with a bag full.

There is something simple, spiritual and poetic about a tree bearing fruit.

The pear tree has the most beautiful, fragrant flowers in the spring. I quickly snapped this picture last spring out at the ranch, because the tree was literally buzzing...the bees think it is pretty spectacular too.
I had my baking apron looong before Charlotte did...just sayin'
...and over the weekend I baked this little guy. It's a pear and frangipane tart. Frangipane (let me break it down for you) is a schmancy Italian word for pastry cream or custard that is made with ground almonds. Frangere il pane, which literally means to crush or break the bread, is what you do with the almonds...sooo, if you don't like almonds this dessert ain't for you!
It is really yummy and would be perfect with hot tea and a chat with a girlfriend :-)
Happy Monday!

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