Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Bits

Greetings, with random bits of last week in review. I hope that everyone is having a great start to the week.
I made these little yummies last week. The recipe is by the queen of butta so don't expect these cuties to be fat free ;-) but soul food they are indeed! The recipe is easy peasy too...
Bake the tops.

Cook the filling...grilled chicken, fresh peas and carrots, lots o' heavy cream and butter!

Bake 'em.

Voila...sweet little personal size, homemade chicken pot pies.

They refrigerate great...just pop them in the oven to restore the crispy flake to the crust and you're good to go. The filling freezes great too, so you can store it away for the days when all you feel like making is reservations.
In other randomness...
This takes place A LOT at my home. I have a border collie. Border collies are amazing herding dogs. Sooo...what is a border collie to do when they don't have goats (or whatever) to herd? They herd the family kitty. It makes her crazy. Here you are witnessing a successful herd.

More randomness...
The house is coming along great. We've made it through about half of the painting that we have to do. See new gray, I love it. Wait, who's that little guy?
I had the back door open because it is so beautiful outside and this little guy just flew right in and hung out.
I caught him. It looks like I'm strangling him but I'm holding him very gently. I think he liked me because I took him outside to guide him on his way and he just sat in my hand and looked at me for a few minutes before taking off.
Anyway...if you are still here and reading this ridiculous post, thank you, and I'll be back soon with some design related stuff.
Happy Monday :-)
oh, and in case you haven't noticed, I've got some new buttons on the side bar. Check 'em out.

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