Monday, February 8, 2010

Vegas Diaries: Faves #1

I consider myself somewhat of a Vegas connoisseur, seeing as how we spend several weeks there a year for my husband's work. There are tons of new things on the strip this year that we enjoyed and I figured were probably blog worthy. I deem this week "The Vegas Diaries" and I hope you enjoy my recommendations :-)
One of the new restaurants we tried was First Food & Bar at the gorgeous, and somewhat of a baby to the strip, Palazzo.

This place is cool! It is very reminiscent of the stylings at the Ace Hotel that I blogged about here. It has that whole 'punk rock vibe from the 80's' feel and loads of fun energy. The industrial, urban design manages to be rocker-hip but not themey (which I hate).
We grabbed a booth overlooking the strip and enjoyed these little yummies along with their popular bloody mary that has everything but the kitchen sink in it (think celery, olives, slim jims...).

Much of the upholstery is leather and varies in many interesting colors, especially the orange leather chairs with black piping in the main dining area, which give them that unmistakable Harley Davidson look and automatically makes you feel a little edgy. The floors are stained concrete and look like tribal tattoos are embedded in them and great music pumps out of the speakers overhead.

Many of the walls are adorned with graffiti and black leather with large, silver nailheads. The ceilings are planked in a beautiful warm wood but spiky, rusted steel chandeliers give the refined, smooth wood that "I'm rock n' roll" statement.
It's the neighborhood biker bar with the vintage soul of a rocker but with just enough style to not feel kitschy.

After you are fat and happy, plop down in the old-school, graffiti sticker covered photo booth on your way out for some fun memories.

I give First Food & Bar two thumbs up!

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