Monday, November 9, 2009

Artfully Worded

I saw this incredible piece of art over at Elements of Style today and I am positively smitten! This space is by Kishani Perera. Erin, at EofS, has a fabulous and more in depth post about this designer and her old Hollywood vintage, glam, eclectic style, so check out that post here.
I grabbed this piece of art out of her post and saved it in my favorites. Two things make me swoon over this idea. First, I love typographical art! Second, if you love 80's monster ballads as much as I do, you would have read the first 3 words of this art and realized that these are the lyrics to Bryan Adams Heaven. I love this art so much and this would be easy to recreate for your own space.
Typography is so much more than just graphic design. By combining text, font styles, artful placement, thoughtful context and expression, you can have a brilliant piece of art with a message that can be straightforward or subtle. Check out some of these other pieces of typographical art that I dug up online...

This style of art looks perfect with contemporary and transitional spaces but can be interesting and thought provoking when placed in a traditional space. Juxtaposition works, try it!
Add a little artful wording to your space and let your walls do the talking ;-)
**click on images for a closer look**

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I Love your style