Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dransfield & Ross = Fabulous

Decorative pillows are one of the easiest ways to make ho-hum bedding something special or to just dress up a basic chair. I, myself, have a small obsession with decorative pillows (ahem...ok maybe it isn't so small). I buy them all the time, because with just the switch of a pillow you can have an entirely new look. Dransfield & Ross is my go-to company for some of the most amazing decorative pillows you have ever seen! They are just delicious! Take a peek at some of my favorites...

Are you drooling yet? These pillows are all hand made and embellished with shells, grosgrain ribbon, gorgeous trims, intricate beading and embroidery that is to just die for!
What's that you ask? Where can you buy these amazing works of art that I so humbly call "pillows"...well through yours truly of course! Just a fair warning, be prepared to drop a chunk-o-change! These babies are pricey but worth every penny. You won't be disappointed and you definitely get what you pay for with these beauties!
Take some time and browse their site. They also have unique accent furniture, beautiful bedding groups, wonderful tabletop items and fun accessories too. Love it!

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The Mitchells said...

I'm in love...I just found Ella's next bedding...zebra and bright colors...I love I just need to get my MIL to pay for it.